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The Process of Becoming a Leader - Growing Out - Digital Manual

by AGM
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Welcome to the third stage of the process that will lead you to take your first steps as a leader in the church. This is not the end of the apostolic training; it is just a milestone on the way to your new life in Christ. It began when you were born of water and the Spirit and had a first personal encounter with Jesus; then it developed into a solid relationship; now you commit to Him.

As the second coming of Christ approaches, the enemy, in his desperation, has sent unseen demonic forces to the earth, and you must learn how to deal with them. You will learn to use spiritual weapons such as fasting and prayer.

You will understand that the purpose of prayer is to know God, and fasting is the legal means of obtaining more power in the spirit.

You will be prepared to defend life. You will receive revelation about issues such as abortion an attempt against human life; the family, which remains the fundamental cell of society; marriage, which can only be between a man and a woman because God instituted it. Any alteration to these heavenly decrees, even if they are legal on earth, is abominable in the eyes of God.

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