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The Ministry of the Apostle - Digital Book

by AGM
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The questions most often heard in Christian circles are: "What is an apostle, and how do we recognize him?" The answer to these questions is precisely the reason why this book was written. In it, you will find clear and precise guidelines that will help you understand the apostolic ministry; the characteristics, functions, purpose, and signs that distinguish true apostles from the rest. Each of the five-fold ministries-pastor, evangelist, teacher, prophet, and apostle-has a distinct seal that is unequal to the other. God gave the apostle a seal that many try to imitate, unsuccessfully. Throughout the pages of this book, you will be taught to recognize the characteristics of a true apostle of God, and you will learn about the apostolic mentality-what his heart is like, what his mission is, what tools he uses to build the church, and much more.
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