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The DNA of the House - Module 1 - Package

by AGM
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 The ADN of the House Package includes the following Books:


Inner Healing and Deliverance - Book

Leaders that Conquer - Book

Apostles in Action - Book

How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - Book


A vision cannot be sustained without values ​​or principles on which to stand.
That set of values ​​is what we know as the "culture" of an organization, ministry, or church.
These maintain the unity of the vision and help us move towards the same purpose since they are directly linked to the reason why we do things.

A simple way to say it is that "culture is the DNA of a house."
Do you want to have the same spirit of this house and the same way of proceeding?
This series of books, written by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, will help you in your personal formation and leadership, as it represents the DNA of this house. Furthermore, they show the values ​​of this man of God's values, DNA, and global leadership.