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A New Beginning - Growing Up- Manual

by AGM
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In the first level of this process, we began to “grow inward.” Now it is time to start “growing upward.” Are you ready?

We will begin by knowing our heavenly Father as God, the one true God! The best way to know Him is through His Son, Jesus Christ. He not only wants us to become His children but to reach maturity through His word and an intimate relationship with Him through prayer until we reach the stature of the perfect man, which is Jesus Christ. The manual you have in your hands will help you know God more intimately, pray without ceasing, and receive the answers to your prayers. With each class, you will learn to know Jesus more and know what kind of life He has for you. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to remove the blindfolds from your eyes and transform you completely, as He did with the Apostle Paul.

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado


This new Vision Manual 2022 includes the following Lessons:

Useful Information for Teachers 5
The Process of the New Believer 7
Values of Our House 9
Declaration of Faith 11
Introduction 13
1. Knowing God as Father 15
2. How to Have Your Prayers Answered (I) 29
3. How to Have Your Prayers Answered (II) 43
4. What is Truth? 55
5. Faith in Jesus 67
6. The Resurrection of Jesus (I) 79
7. The Resurrection of Jesus (II) 93
8. The Commandment to Congregate 107


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