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52 Life Lessons 5 (SoftCover) - Manual

by AGM
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As its name indicates, this book contains, “52 Life Lessons”. They are practical teachings that will help us in our daily life. They are based on the Word of God, and in the revelations that the Lord has given me to preach to the church in these end times. The lessons in this manual are explained in a simple and easily-understood manner, but if you wish to go deeper into any topic, I invite your to read my books and listen to my preachings. If you have already been attending a House of Peace or discipleship for a long time, you will notice that no preaching is repeated. The Lord has given me a great amount of material, and my wish is to share it with you. Perhaps some lessons may seem similar at first but, without a doubt, God has brought new revelation, which deepens and complements everything we have already learned.

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