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Leaders that Conquer - Digital Book

by AGM
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Leaders that Conquer will help you discover the original plan of God for mankind and take you on a journey in which you will realize that it is God's divine purpose to lead you until you become a leader for Christ. It is a powerful force that will take you from being common and help you become an original, extraordinary person in the hands of our Creator. The information in this book will challenge what was established; it will take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to overcome every limitation set by society or social status; it will change your life and affect every thing around you. Furthermore, it will inspire and motivate those you lead as they seek to fulfill their personal destinies.


1- Developing Your Potential 

2- What Makes a Leader? 

3- Biblical Principles Essential for Leadership 

4- Essential Qualities of a Leader 

5- How to Confront Effectively 

6- How to Disciple Other People 

7- The Art of Delegating Authority 

8- The Price of Being an Anointed Leader

9- Priorities of a Leader

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