Live Worship Instrumentals - CD

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1. Intro Instrumental 2. Tu Rostro Quiero Ver 3. Cara a Cara 4. Selah (Desesperado) 5. Te Amo Cristo 6. Jesús Mi Amado 7. Cuando Veo la Cruz Disco Dos 1. Al Cordero Inmolado 2. Al Cordero sea la Gloria 3. Aleluya Al Rey 4. Te Exaltamos 5. Abba Padre 6. Cordero y León (bonus track) Disc One 1. Instrumental Intro 2. I Want to See Your Face 3. Face to Face 4. Selah (Desperate for Your Touch) 5. Jesus I’m in Love with You 6. Jesus My Savior 7. When I see the Cross Disc Two 1. To the Lamb that was Slained 2. To the Lamb be the Glory 3. Hallelujah to the King 4. I Exalt Thee 5. Abba Father 6. Lion and the Lamb (bonus track)

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