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Hope in Times of Crisis - Digital Book

by AGM
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Whatever your crisis might be, whether financial, physical, emotional, marital, work-related, familial, or about your identity, values or beliefs, I want you to know that there is a solution. Hope is the anchor that keeps your boat steady in the midst of a storm, to make decisions that lead you to success in life. We were created with the capacity to overcome every test and adversity; we just need to come out of desperation and enter into action.In my life experiences, I have had to deal with various crises, of all sorts. In this book, I briefly share how I was raised with a pessimistic mentality, and what it took for me to change it. I have lived and gone through challenges that have stretched my faith and expanded my outlook. Today, not only do I face crises and challenges, but I look for them because I know the potential of growth and progress they carry. All of the material you will find coming up is impregnated with experiences I have lived and is designed to teach you how to see things from another perspective, as well as give you the tools that will make you an expert in dealing with your own crises. The basis of my advice is strictly founded in biblical principles inspired by God. My entire argumentation revolves around Jesus being the unshakeable Rock, and that anyone who grabs on to Him will survive any storm and reach success.


Who Has the Answers in Times of Crisis and for the Future?

Causes and Signs of the End Times

The Corruption of Human Character

He Will Cause All Things to Shake

How to Have Peace in the Midst of the Crisis

Faith Tested by Fire

Fed by Ravens

Creative Ideas to Prosper

The Helmet of Hope

How to Respond to a Crisis