Forgiveness - Digital Version

Forgiveness - Digital Version

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1- Unforgiveness: How it Begins in Our Lives
-What is the meaning of the word offense? 
-Three important things to consider
-when referring to the word “offense”
-What signs prove that we are unforgiving? 
-How do we behave when we are offended? 

2- What is Forgiveness?
-Forgiveness is not 
-What is forgiveness?
-Consequences of unforgiveness

3- Forgiveness: a Lifestyle Choice 
-What should we do when someone hurts us? 
-Forgiveness: is it a feeling or a decision of the heart? 

4- How should we deal with the people
-who constantly hurt us?
-When we forgive, should we continue the relationship with the person who hurt us?
-Will time heal our wounds? 
-What should we do with the people who do not accept our forgiveness? 
-How can we be sure that we have forgiven?
-Who offends us the most?