Children's Church of the Supernatural 2 Manual - Digital Version

Children's Church of the Supernatural 2 Manual - Digital Version

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● Children’s Testimonies 
● Class Activities 
● Presenting the Gospel
● Prayer of Salvation 

1. The Restoration of the Supernatural Love of God
● The Revelation of the Love of God in the Now
● How to Express Our Love for God
● The Supernatural Love of God 
● Characteristics of love 
● The Outpouring of the Love of God 

2. Establishing Fatherhood 
● Knowing God as a Father 
● The Love of the Father 
● The Purpose of Discipline 
● The Correction of the Father Brings Direction and Vision 
● The Comforting of the Father 

3. The Kingdom of Power Here and Now
● What is the Kingdom of God 
● The Kingdom is in Me 
● The Character of the Kingdom of God 
● Jesus is Revealed 
● The Revelation of the Resurrection in the Now 

4. The Supernatural in the Now
● Jesus Manifests His Supernatural Power Through You
● Faith: The First Dimension of the Supernatural 
● Anointing: The Second Dimension of the Supernatural 
● Glory: The Third Dimension of the Supernatural 

5. Winning Souls Supernaturally
● Learning to Love the Souls 
● Why We Should Win Souls? 
● What to Say and What Not to Say When We Evangelize 
● Prayer is the Key to Winning Souls 
● Winning Souls With the Supernatural Power of God 

6. From Children to Warriors 
● Introducing the Children’s Tabernacle 
● From Theory to Practice (DVD)
Special Lessons 
● In Halloween, Take the Devil’s Mask Off 
● The Power of Thanksgiving 
● Jesus: The True Meaning of Christmas