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Why Believe In Jesus - Book

by AGM
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Author: Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
Language: English
Jesus Christ is the most famous person that ever lived. Most people know His name, but they don’t really know who He was or what He was like. If He truly was a Savior, as some say, in what way does that reality affect us today? And why should we believe in Him?As Jesus lived and ministered on earth, He taught on topics such as:What is the truth?What is the meaning of life? What is love?What is my purpose?What is my future?Many of us seek something real for our life. We wonder if it is possible to have peace, purpose and empowerment in a world that seems to be falling apart with each passing day. The circumstances in our lives lead us to wrestle with basic questions about our own existence, such as "Why am I here?" They also make us wonder about the existence of a Higher Being to whom we might appeal for help.
In this book, as you explore the life and extraordinary teachings of Jesus Christ, you will also be introduced to contemporary people from various backgrounds who tell how and why they came to believe in Jesus-and the difference He is making today in their lives today.