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Kingdom Women Encountering God and Living in His Presence - Book

by TOL
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Kingdom Women, Encountering God and Living in His Presence (A Message Every Woman Needs to Know) - Ondina Laszlo Woman of God, you were designed to live in God’s presence, to understand His heart, to encounter Him and experience His goodness. It is God's will to reveal to you the attributes of His true character and to continuously manifest Himself in your life. If you desire to have personal, daily, one-to-one experiences with the God of glory, by reading this book you will be setting the course for these experience to occur. This third volume of the "Kingdom Women" series of books that you are holding in your hands, was written to guide you to encounter God and to continuously experience His loving kindness. Whether you have a good relationship with the Lord right now, or if you are weary spiritually and have lost your passion for God; by His supernatural grace, your love for your heavenly Father will be rekindled and will increase as you take time to put into practice what you will read in the pages of this book.Begin to experience the God of glory in your life today!