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How To Hear The Voice Of God - Book

by AGM
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Author: Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
Language: English

Perhaps hearing the voice of God sounds pretentions to many, but not to you. Just the fact that this book is in your hands speaks of your desire to make changes in your lifestyle. It means you no longer want to tumble and fall as you were led by your ego, but rather that you want to allow God to take the wheel of your life and drive you to a good destiny. Do you wish to learn how to hear the voice of God? Do you want to know the methods God uses to talk to us? Do you have difficulty listening to His voice in the midst of tough times? Have you asked yourself who that voice belongs to? "Is it me, is it the enemy, or is it God"? With the Holy Spirit's help, this book will take you to a new spiritual dimension where you will be able to discern, without a doubt, the true voice of God. The privilege of hearing His voice is not reserved only for His great servants, but to anyone who opens his or her heart to know Him. This ability will also developed in you as you follow the steps outlined in this text. Do you long to go to new levels in your Christian walk? Open the pages, sharpen your ears, and believe that God is the only way, the truth, and the light. Learn to how hear the voice of God!

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