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Death To Self - Book

by AGM
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Author: Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
Language: English

We live in times where evil reigns, while moral integrity crumbles more each day. Now, the love of “self” prevails, and this leads to the depravity of character, which drives man to desire to be above the needs of any others; even above the will of God. The Bible refers to those who act this way as, “lovers of themselves.Apostle Guillermo Maldonado points out the urgent need of dying to “self”. He puts Christ as the great example to follow, and shows this in three important stages: His denial, transformation and death. Furthermore, he warns us of the consequences of not dying ourselves, as well as the benefits that denying our “self” brings.What are the steps to access change and the supernatural power of God? What are the signs and evidence of a person who has died to “self”? You have to read this powerful revelations that will transform your life.

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