Biblical Foundation for New Believers - Digital Version

Biblical Foundation for New Believers - Digital Version

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1. Eternal Salvation 

Salvation is free

All men are sinners 

Knowing Jesus as the Son of God 

2. What Happened When You Received Jesus as Lord? 

The new birth

You are God’s children

There is a hunger in you to know God more

You are a new creation 

You have a personal encounter with God

3. What Should You Do Now That You Are Saved?

Study the Word of God 

Begin to have a prayer life 

You need to attend your local church 

4. What is God Expecting From You? 

To evangelize 

Why should you share the Gospel with others? 

Who should evangelize or share the Gospel?

What should you say? 

How do you share your testimony? 

Who should you share your testimony with?  

5. Three Truths God Wants you to Know 

Who you are in Christ

You can do all things through Christ 

What you have in Christ

6. What Are Your Responsibilities as a New Believer?

Support your local church 

Tithes and offerings

Serve in the church 

7. Questions that New Believers Ask Most Often 

What happens if I sin again?

Should I be baptized again even though I was baptized as a child? 

What happens if there is an area of your life in which you don’t feel free?

Is there another experience after receiving Jesus and being baptized in water?