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Covenant 1/2 Oz - Anointing Oil

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Original price $12.00
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Type: Anointing Oil
Fragrance: Covenant
Size: 1/2 Oz
Our COVENANT OIL fragrance is a beautiful, heavenly fragrance which spiritually speaks of  the commitment and devotion of the parties entering into a Covenant Relationship.  The Bible is filled with many scriptures that compare the marriage covenant on earth with the covenant between the Creator and His people, which we call the BELIEVER'S COVENANT.  Abba's COVENANT OIL is a unique, custom blend of pure olive oil from Israel with 4 four fragrances:
Frankincense and Myrrh - representing the bridegroom Messiah Jesus
Spikenard - representing the bride (all believers in His body on earth)
Hyssop - representing the Holy Spirit
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