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52 Life Lessons Vol 13 (SoftCover) - Manual

by AGM
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This year the classes of House of Peace have a very defined sequence which leads us to increase our knowledge of God and to get closer to Him.


 Lessons within this Manual:

  1. Who is God?
  2. God wants to have a relationship with us
  3. Drawing Closer to God
  4. The communion between brothers in Christ
  5. Do you have a religion or a relationship?
  6. How to Have a Relationship with God
  7. Benefits of Having a Relationship with God
  8. Sharing the Love of God
  9. Who is the Church of Christ?
  10. The Importance of Fellowship
  11. Why do We Congregate as a Church?
  12. We Gather to Serve a Vision
  13. United in Christ
  14. Jesus is the Son of God
  15. Jesus is our Savior
  16. The Resurrection of Jesus
  17. Passion for Souls
  18. We Are a Spirit in a Body
  19. The Fallen State of Humankind
  20. Looking for Identity in Wrong Places
  21. Jesus Gives Us identity as Children of God
  22. Communion With God and the Brethren
  23. Loving as God Loves
  24. Love is Given Without Reserve
  25. Characteristics of God's Love
  26. The Love of God Demonstrated
  27. Why Do We Have to Pray?
  28. Why Are Many Prayers Not Answered?
  29. Praying in the Name of Jesus
  30. Sharing as Brothers in Christ
  31. Sin and Its Consequences
  32. The Repentance
  33. What do We Have to Repent for?
  34. How Are We Forgiven?
  35. God Commands Us to Repent
  36. God's Judgment
  37. The Judgment of the Believer
  38. The Judgment of Unbelievers
  39. We Are the Body of Christ
  40. Do Heaven and Hell Exist?
  41. What Does the Bible Say About Hell?
  42. What Is Heaven Like?
  43. Winning Souls
  44. Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus
  45. God Never Fails
  46. God Never Fails
  47. Gratitude and Prayer
  48. Gratitude to God and the Brethren
  49. The supernatural Birth of Jesus
  50. The importance of the Savior
  51. Christmas Celebration
  52. Thank God for His Goodness
  53. Prayer of Salvation

      Prayer of Salvation

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