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Inner Healing and Deliverance - Digital Book

by AGM
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The revelations inspired by God's Word and the ministerial experience of Apostle G. Maldonado are more of God's blessings designed to touch, heal, transform, and cause great change in the life of an individual and the church as a whole. Subjects such as: the four spiritual laws or open doors to demonic spirits make up the platform that lead to understanding the truths written in His Word which can lead to total deliverance from every bondage or stronghold, forever. This is not a book on theory; it is a practical inner healing and deliverance manual that can be easily implemented by individuals, churches, and nations. As you read this book, you will learn how to surrender every area of your life that needs healing or deliverance; you will know how to kick the devil out of your life, family, and generation and how to become a whole person-in body, soul, and spirit.


1- Inner Healing and Deliverance

2- Inner Healing

3- Lack of Forgiveness 

4- The Root of Bitterness 

5- Rejection

6- Guilt

7- The Four Spiritual Laws

8- Deliverance is the Children’s Bread

9- The Origin of Demons

10- The Five Spirits of the Enemy that Attack the Church

11- Open Doors, an Entrance for Demons 

12- Breaking Curses

13- Areas That Need Deliverance

14- Schizophrenia

15- Deliverance for Children

16- How to Minister Deliverance

17- Spiritual Housecleaning

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