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The Process of Becoming a Leader - Growing In- Manual

by AGM
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You may be wondering, how can I be a God-pleasing leader? Here are some of the  things you’ll learn. Authentic leadership is not a matter of having followers but of  having a purpose. A settlement after God’s heart does not seek to take power for  oneself but to empower people. It does not yearn to climb to a relevant position but  to lower itself to the level of service. Because the highest calling in a Christian’s life is to  become like Jesus, knowing that his future is about his character.  

You will also learn about the origin of true love, which is supernatural, eternal, unlimited,  and unconditional, which surpasses reason and cannot be understood with the mind  but in the spirit. God doesn’t need a reason to love, He doesn’t impose conditions, and  He doesn’t disappoint us. In addition in this part of the process, you will learn about  the fear of God, which is the highest level of respect for God.  

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