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Two Kinds Of Knowledge

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Mankind's great body of knowledge has come to us through the five senses. Sense knowledge can see the handiwork of God and can see the design in creation, but it cannot find the Designer. In fact, it's often unwilling to admit that there is a Designer because it cannot see, hear, taste, smell, or touch Him.

Sense knowledge says that faith cannot produce miracles. It does not know why we were created, nor can it tell us the source of life, light, motion, gravity, or hundreds of other things.

But revelation knowledge holds all of these answers and more.

In The Two Kinds of Knowledge: God’s Wisdom Is Greater Than Our Senses, E. W. Kenyon explains how we can discover the wisdom of God in His Word.

This new kind of knowledge, which the secular world cannot grasp, brings us to a new kind of life, taking us out of our failures and weaknesses to fill our hungry hearts with love, faith, and grace.