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The Wisdom and Legacy of Myles Munroe: The Kingdom of God

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Bring God's World - and Divine Solutions - into This One

Everywhere you look, the ways of man - politics, philosophy, finance, judicial systems - are breaking, failing to provide solutions to the issues facing our nation and lives. As we see evil engulfing the world, it's tempting to wallow in hopelessness.

But we weren't created to find hope in the ways of man - we were created to find hope in the ways of a Kingdom of another world!

Dr. Myles Munroe was recognized as one of the premier teachers on the Kingdom of God and applying its transformational principles to every area of life.

In The Wisdom and Legacy of Myles Munroe: The Kingdom of God, you will receive the definitive, multi-volume collection of Dr. Munroe's writings on the Kingdom of God, filled with hard-won revelation, insight, and wisdom that will radically upgrade how you walk out your Christian life and engage with the world around you. Stop settling for mediocre when you have been born again into a limitless Kingdom!

In this amazing compilation of his life's studies on the Kingdom, Munroe introduces you to a new way of living, including how to:

  • understand how the Kingdom of God operates
  • apply its principles
  • bring the life-enhancing answers of God's world into this one
  • walk in heavenly governance, power, and authority


Don't live like those without hope! Become one of the rare people in your generation who rises above circumstances to unleash Kingdom wisdom and hope into impossible situations.

Features material from Dr. Myles Munroe's Kingdom Collection.