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Jesus With Us (90 Day Devotional Life Along The Way V1)

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What would it have looked like and felt like to walk daily with Jesus during His time on earth, sharing in what He experienced and taught? And how does His life have significance for our own lives today? We can answer these questions by following in His footsteps each step of the way.

In any journey, the destination is important, but just as significant is the life we experience as we travel that path. Jesus journey was similar. Who He traveled with, where He went, and what He experienced along the way were all important to Him. He's still on His journey, and He has invited you to join Him on it.

This new devotional series, Life Along the Way, takes you through the life of Jesus by way of all four Gospels and the first chapter of Acts. In four 90-day devotionals, you can travel with Jesus for a full year if you wish—from His birth, to His ministry and miracles, to His relationships with the people around Him, to His death, resurrection, and ascension. The four devotionals in the journey, which you can read either sequentially or in any order, are:
1. Jesus With Us: Meeting Him Where He Began
2. Jesus Among Us: Walking with Him in His Ministry and Miracles
3. Jesus Through Us: Following His Example in Love and Service
4. Jesus in Us: Living Wholeheartedly the Life He Intends

In this devotional, Jesus with Us, you will stop at important early places along Jesus's path, including His birth, the fulfillment of the promises of His coming, the plot to kill the Christ Child, Jesus youth, the beginning of His ministry, the calling of His first followers, and His famous Sermon on the Mount.
This devotional is designed so that:

  • Each day's Scripture will be life-transforming
  • Each day's Life Lessons from Jesus will be dynamic and relevant
  • Each day's questions will be reflective and self-exploring, leading to spiritual growth
  • Each day's prayer will be authentic and relational

 The beginning of Jesus's story is powerful, but it can also be very personal. As you journey each day with the Savior, you will learn to love Jesus and love like Jesus.

Where are you on your walk with Jesus?