Healing Package

Healing Package

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Be empowered to heal the sick!

Package includes:

1. Jesus Heals Your Sickness Today - Book

2. Anointing Oil Cassia 1/4 Oz

3. 50 Holy Communion Cups 

Many people are bedridden in hospital beds suffering with unknown illnesses and of people whose life is cut short before modern medicine can diagnose their condition. All of this is cause for concern leading to the need to know God's will for these people. The world needs to know what God has to say on this subject. In this book, Dr. G. Maldonado presents important information that brings to life the ministry of Jesus. Here you will find countless testimonies of people from different parts of the world, like you and me, who were healed by the Word of truth, and it includes practical and easy to follow applications that will help you receive your healing miracle. If you or a loved one need healing, this book is the perfect tool you need to attain it.


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