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Everyday Prayers For Faith

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Life rarely goes as planned, particularly when we rely on our own plans rather than God's. So when things go awry, our faith in His faithfulness may waver.
And yet God's faithfulness is not tied to our earthly circumstances but rather to His promises in Scripture.
In Everyday Prayers for Faith: Finding Confidence in God No Matter What, author Erin H. Warren unpacks the precious promises of God that are worth far more than anything this world has to offer.
You will learn how God:

  • Lifts your burdens to give you rest
  • Provides an abundance of comfort that you can extend to others
  • Sends rainbows and hope after every storm
  • Shares a steadfast love that never wavers
  • Gives us His strength to keep running the race

Erina's prayer is that by the end of this book, women will fling their arms wide and leap forward to proclaim, ‘I trust in God!