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El Ayuno De Daniel

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When the Prophet was taken captive to Babylon, the king saw in him a future leader and administrator. If only this young man could be 'babylonized' maybe he could help the king rule the Jewish exiles. The first thing the king did to contaminate Daniel was to provide a sumptuous menu of rich fatty foods and wines. The prophet's answer was to eat only vegetables and drink water. He chose to honor God above the king's honor. The prophet Daniel is a model for anyone wanting to honor God and experience spiritual victories that begin with prayer and personal discipline. In this new guide, Dr. Elmer Towns, author of The Daniel Fast teaches how to be renewed by periods of 10 or 21 days. Towns answers questions practically showing what to eat and when, how to pray effectively, how to find God in fasting, how to worship through personal discipline, how to pray for specific questions and at the same time, how fast a healthy diet. You'll also find original recipes created by Daniel Fast International Chef John P. Perkins. Choose a spiritual power over a body satisfaction as Daniel did, and invite God to change your life!