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God's Grace & Grit: Surviving Your Fairytale

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Let's face it, Marriage needs a Survival Guide.

Fairytales did not prepare us for the reality of marriage. Cinderella never had to contend with dirty socks, Snow White never had to heal through sexual trauma, and Rapunzel never had to file for a divorce.

If you are engaged or married, do you still feel the love and purpose for each other that you had when you felt that first spark? Maybe you are single or divorced, praying for Prince Charming to ride in on his horse and whisk you away. Life doesn't prepare you to become a single mom or teach you how to fight through the pain of watching your spouse battle a debilitating illness.

How do we navigate the valleys of life and still smile when our spouse enters the room? 
God's Grace and Grit: Surviving Your Fairytale is here to empower you; no matter where you are in your happily ever after journey. Biblical stories of courage and love will inspire you and testimonies from our friends will encourage you to boldly carry on for God's glory.

Marriage begins with friendship and love. It's His Grace and Grit that allows us to truly thrive in our happily ever after - no matter the challenge.