Relationship with God Package
Relationship with God Package

Relationship with God Package

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Ignite your intimacy with God!

Package Contains:

1. How to Hear the Voice of God - Book

2. Daily Encounter wit God - Book

3. Breakthrough Prayer - Book

God wants YOU to move in the miraculous. He wants to activate you in His power, and He wants to do it today. Do you wish to have a more intimate relationship with God? Are you hungry for His presence? Do you want to do His will? Do you need a miracle, today? Are you ready to encounter God daily? Remember, when God calls you, He backs you up! God will always provide for you to accomplish His purpose. I have packed 90 lessons into this book. Each one is filled with a fresh supernatural revelation that will lead you to meet God in the secret place. Each topic is also paired with a real life testimonial of someone who has experienced transformation through an encounter with God. These lessons and testimonials will guide you to have your own personal encounter with the God of the supernatural. Here are just ten among the 90 topics you will discover: What truly changes a person What supernatural grace is How to completely surrender to God Crucifying our flesh and personal desires How to intimately know God Breaking mental strong holds The greatest obstacles to carrying out God purpose for our life Breaking the spirit of poverty and receiving Godly abundance Renewing our minds How to hear the voice of God

Perhaps hearing the voice of God sounds pretentions to many, but not to you. Just the fact that this book is in your hands speaks of your desire to make changes in your lifestyle. It means you no longer want to tumble and fall as you were led by your ego, but rather that you want to allow God to take the wheel of your life and drive you to a good destiny. Do you wish to learn how to hear the voice of God? Do you want to know the methods God uses to talk to us? Do you have difficulty listening to His voice in the midst of tough times? Have you asked yourself who that voice belongs to? "Is it me, is it the enemy, or is it God"? With the Holy Spirit's help, this book will take you to a new spiritual dimension where you will be able to discern, without a doubt, the true voice of God. The privilege of hearing His voice is not reserved only for His great servants, but to anyone who opens his or her heart to know Him. This ability will also developed in you as you follow the steps outlined in this text. Do you long to go to new levels in your Christian walk? Open the pages, sharpen your ears, and believe that God is the only way, the truth, and the light. Learn to how hear the voice of God!

Prayer is not a practice or a ritual. It is a place. A secret place in the Spirit. A place of divine encounters with our heavenly Father where we express our love for Him and enter the dimensions of His glory and power. Where we welcome His presence, receive His revelation and guidance for our life, and are empowered to serve His purposes on earth while experiencing the outpouring of His grace through miracles, healings, deliverances, and salvations. With a scriptural foundation, the conviction of personal experience, and the evidence of many testimonies, Guillermo Maldonado passionately reveals how to enter this place in the Spirit so we, as the body of Christ, can become “a house of prayer.” Discover the joy of two-way communication with the Father. Learn not only to hear His voice but to listen and act on what He is saying to you. See how to build momentum in your prayer life, creating a spiritual atmosphere in which God moves powerfully on behalf of His people. Discover essential keys for breakthrough--and how to have all your prayers answered according to God's will and Word. There has never been a more vital time to find our place in prayer. We are in a period of increased opposition from the enemy as we draw closer to the day of Christ’s return. This requires us to attain a higher level of spiritual power and authority, which can only come through breakthrough prayer that ushers us into God’s presence. Nothing else will prepare us to meet the challenges that are coming our way. Nothing else will prepare us for the second coming of Christ. Now is the time to be spiritually vigilant! Now is the time to watch and pray!


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