Prophetic Perspective 2021 Package
Prophetic Perspective 2021 Package

Prophetic Perspective 2021 Package

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Discover what God has for you this new year 2021!

Package includes:

1. Jesus is Coming Soon - Book

2. End Time Strategies of the Enemy - Book

3. Prophetic Perspective 2021 - Preaching.

The enemy cannot know your thoughts, but he has the patience to study you and know your weak areas; and that's where he attacks. Although he uses several strategies, there are seven main ones: distractions, disappointments, temptations, persecutions, accusations, betrayals and criticism. All are aimed to wear down the spiritual, emotional and physical life of Christians. This book will open your eyes so you can perceive the plans of the enemy in the end times; stop blaming people for what happens to you; avoid getting discouraged; and find the strength to bind and cast out the devil who acts by using a human body.

Jesus Is Coming Soon: Discern the End-Time Signs and Prepare for His Return will help you be certain you are part of God’s remnant. The signs of the end of the age and Jesus’s appearing are evident in the physical and spiritual worlds. But most people, including Christians, have not recognized them. What signs has God given to announce the culmination of His purposes for the world? How can we discern them? How can we prepare?