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Only Believe For The Holy Spirit

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Only Believe for the Holy Spirit is a journey through the timeless words and teachings of Smith Wigglesworth as he explores the mystery, depth, glory, and power of the Holy Spirit. This ninety-day devotional is a powerful guide to gaining knowledge about the Holy Spirit and unlocking the Spirit's power in our lives.

Jesus's disciples weren't the only ones entrusted with the power of the Holy Spirit. We can also receive that power if we only believe. Wigglesworth mentions, There is a place where God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, reigns supreme in our lives.

The Holy Spirit reveals who we are and reveals who God is. A life filled with the Holy Spirit urges us toward purity, energizes our boldness for God, and promotes victory.
The Holy Spirit is our continual help and strength as we navigate the circumstances of life. God has given us life in the Holy Spirit until we live eternally with Him.

Only Believe for the Holy Spirit will revolutionize the way you see the Holy Spirit and spur you on to make a difference for God's kingdom. God is waiting for people who dare to believe, and when you believe, the possibilities are endless.