New Season Package
New Season Package

New Season Package

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Start this new season with a free heart!

Package Contains:

1.  The Dangers of Unforgiveness  - Book

2. Supernatural Transformation -Book

3. Stress Free Living - Book

You have heard the statements, "Treat others as you want to be treated. Forgive others in order to be forgiven." And yet, the gap between knowing and living by these seemingly simple principles is vast. Are you having a difficult time learning to love again after a heartbreak? Are you able to smile and laugh again after experiencing an offense? Do you cringe at the words "blood is thicker than water" after a loved one betrays you? If your answer to these questions is "Yes!" this is the book that can show you how to love, smile, and laugh again. The Dangers of Unforgiveness will help you mend your broken heart, show you how to live life to the fullest, and revive the part of you that was shattered by the offenses of others: your heart. Each chapter is a journey of discovery. Give yourself the opportunity to uncover the hidden truth behind your heartache and conquer the freedom to love again.

With Supernatural Transformation, join Apostle Maldonado on a journey of discovery into the purpose, motivations and potential of our spiritual heart. God wants us to understand how, in Christ, our heart is designed to "pump" life to our entire being, producing mental, emotional and physical health and removing the toxins from sin. We were created to reflect the heart of our heavenly Father. And God is ready even now to change our heart, to be like Him, through a supernatural transformation! 

Some stress is a natural part of life. We all experience it as we meet deadlines or reach for excellence. But stress develops into a serious problem when it becomes entrenched in our lives as a cycle we cant shake. High-Pressure jobs, difficult relationships, ongoing financial problems, and fear about the future can lead to a stress cycle. Sustained stress may be the silent killer of the twenty-first century. How can we manage normal stress and release the grip of an unhealthy stress cycle? Best-selling author Guillermo Maldonado leads you in specific steps to Stress Free Living: First, Learn what stress really is-the good and the bad. Second, address the cause of your stress. Third, discover the path to managing everyday stress and finding freedom from unhealthy stress cycle. This book will equip you with essential spiritual and natural tools for stress-free life. Be empowered to find true peace and healing!


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