New Book Package

New Book Package

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Start the new year the right way!

Package includes:

1. NEW: Jesus is Coming Soon! - Book

2. 2021 Calendar

3. New Wine - KIngdom Sound - Praise & Worship CD

4. New Wine - Supernatural Movement - Instrumental CD

You are mentioned in biblical prophecy. You may not be mentioned by name, but you are included there. End-times prophecies speak of faithful followers of Jesus—called the “remnant”—who are ready for the last days and His return, but they also speak of those who are unprepared or fall away before His appearing.

Which prophecy will you fulfill?

Jesus Is Coming Soon: Discern the End-Time Signs and Prepare for His Return will help you be certain you are part of God’s remnant. The signs of the end of the age and Jesus’s appearing are evident in the physical and spiritual worlds. But most people, including Christians, have not recognized them. What signs has God given to announce the culmination of His purposes for the world? How can we discern them? How can we prepare? This book will unfold:

  • The reason for the unprecedented natural and spiritual shakings in our world.
  • What the signs tell us, including unusual signs such as blood moons.
  • How God works according to seasons, eras, and the fullness of time.
  • How Jewish feasts point to the ages of man, accurately showing us God’s time clock.
  • Which imminent biblical signs and promises have yet to be fulfilled.
  • The judgments God is bringing to the earth.


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