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My Damascus Road Experience

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As a first-time author, the author, Dorothy L. Thomas-Guyton, chose to write this book as a testament to the will and fortitude of every Christian believer whether they are aware of it or not. In 1 John 4:4, it says, "Not because of our own strength but because of the greater one that lives inside of us." The intent is to encourage those individuals who have felt disillusioned and/or disappointed by others who aligned themselves with the faith but not necessarily of the faith. For those who were hurt, confused, betrayed, and/or possibly abandoned or had drifted from their Christian beliefs.Another reason for the author writing this book was to challenge the thinking and make known to the readers who don't believe in the spirit realm by sharing some of the experiences she has had, albeit they were not very pleasant but real. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean that it does not exist (i.e., wind). Visibly one can't see what is called wind, but one knows from experience that it does exist, and the same is true for the spirit realm.Upon reading this book, the author's hope is for the reader to have an appreciation and respect for the training process each individual goes through in their journey of faith. The author also hopes the book will be an inspiration for newcomers and for those who may have become weary.Every path is not the same. Stay the course, and enjoy the journey! You are an overcomer