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Guide to Deeper Prayer

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Guide to Deeper Prayer - Digging into the Prayer Jesus Taught.

Are you longing for a deeper, more meaningful prayer life?

Look no further than the Guide to Deeper Prayer - the essential companion for those on the journey toward a closer relationship with God. Prayer is the key! Yes Prayer! As with any relationship, communication is the key and it goes both ways - from us to God, and God to us. Prayer is your communication link to God.


Through anecdotes, the author shares her own struggles and triumphs on the path of prayer, encouraging you to persevere through inevitable challenges and doubts. While the book is a deeper look into Jesus' prayer from Matthew 6:9-13, beginners will also find it accessible and enriching. With its clear and concise explanations, as well as helpful exercises and reflection, readers of all levels can benefit from the guidance presented within these pages.


Whether you are seeking a deeper connection with God, yearning for a more profound understanding of prayer, or simply looking to revitalize your spiritual life, The Guide to Deeper Prayer is a resource to accompany you on your journey toward a transformed prayer life.