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Get Up Girl, Let's Go: Getting Unstuck and Living Free

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Christian women are hurting but do not know how to shake the pain.
They may even feel guilty for their pain.
After all, shouldn’t Christians be able to overcome their problems?

Some emotional problems go so deep that uprooting them is more than a notion. And as much as one wants to be released from its grip, the pain cannot be soothed until the source is discovered and discarded. Get Up, Girl, Let’s Go: Getting Unstuck and Living Free takes women on an interactive journey to identify:

•destructive family patterns,
•the source of bad decisions,
•God’s healing and restorative plan,
•The purpose for which they were born, and more.

After twenty-four years of marriage, Tracy began a journey she’d never imagined—walking through a divorce. Overwhelmed by pain, rejection, abandonment, she fell into a pit of despair and depression. A note from her daughter, pleading for her to survive, started Tracy on her healing journey, getting unstuck, and discovering her purpose.