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Diva Principle

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Deep inside the heart of every woman is a diva just waiting to be released. It lies underneath all of the other things she has supposedly about her self's truth, fiction, deception, or just the superimposed bad feelings of others who've done a really good job smothering the diva within.

What is a diva? Although the word now evokes the image of a vain or undisciplined person, author Michelle McKinney Hammond takes diva back to its original meaning. It comes from the word prima donna or “first lady” and was used todescribe the principal female singer in an opera or concert organization, who was the best of the best.

In The DIVA Principle: Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude, Michelle shines a spotlight on fourteen women of the Bible who displayed diva-tude, including the Shulammite Woman in Song of Songs, the Queen of Sheba, Lady Wisdom, Jacob's wives Rachel and Leah, the woman of Proverbs 31, and more. In the process, she encourages women to embrace their God-given qualities and assets with the understanding that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

With solid, practical advice, Michelle suggests ways for women to get their head, heart, life, and act together so that they will emerge happy and victorious as divas in the best sense of the word.