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Card Game - Ferret Flush

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The Setup

Shuffle the Situation Cards. Place the cards face down.

Shuffle the Play Cards. Deal 5 cards to each creature. Place remaining Play Cards face down next to the Situation Cards.

The Play

Dealer is the first Ferret.

Ferret turns up the top Situation Card, reads it out loud, & places it face up for all to see.

For every Situation Card, you’ll play 3 sets: Thought, Feeling, & Action.

Thought Set: All creatures (minus the Ferret) pick a Play Card from your hand with the best* thought for the situation. Pass Play Cards face down to the Ferret & pick up a new Play Card.

Ferret reads each thought out loud, picks a favorite, and places it face up below the Situation Card.

Feeling Set: Rinse & repeat. This time, pick the best* feeling to fit both the Situation and Thought.

Action Set: Again! Pick the best* action for the Situation, Thought, & Feeling.

If the Ferret picks your card for at least two sets, you win this round and earn a point. Keep the Situation Card to track your points. (Keep it face-up in front of you, not in your hand)

If you win three sets, that’s a Ferret Flush™! Keep the Situation Card & also draw an extra Play Card to add to your hand.

When there’s a three-way tie, those creatures must each act out the Feeling from the round. Ferret picks the best* actor to win the round.

Creature to the left of the last Ferret becomes the new Ferret.

Adventure ends when every creature has been the Ferret twice (3-4 creatures) or once (5-6 creatures). Creature with the most points wins.

*Play the Ferret: How well do you know the Ferret? Will he/she like funny responses? Thoughtful ones? Play the Ferret!

Wild Cards: With a Wild Card, you can make up your own situation, thought, feeling, or action.

Dig a little Deeper

(Optional but rewarding, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.)

Ferret Flush™ was created as a fun game to foster emotional well-being by opening up honest conversations about our inner world – how we respond to Life’s situations and why.

We invite you to explore and investigate deeper in the safe, stress-free context of play! The Ferret, or any creature, can ask the following questions along the way:

Why did you play that card?

What would you think/feel/do in this situation?

What is a recent situation you faced that was beyond your control?