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Bible Cover - Pink Poly-canvass with Ichthus Patch

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Original price $12.99
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Size: Large

The Raspberry Pink Poly-canvas Value Bible Cover with Ichthus Patch is the prettiest pink value Bible case for a little girl to bring to church. This durable pink Bible case will let her feel just like her momma, and she can carry her Bible in style, just like her momma.

The raspberry pink poly-canvas Bible case has a very simple design. It features a solitary black rubberized patch embossed with a raised white Ichthus fish design placed in the lower right-hand corner of the front cover.

The design of this Bible case incorporates several functional features. The first is a zippered pocket on the front panel, which is useful for storing facial tissues, coloring pencils, small notebooks, or coloring books. To prevent any accidental spills, it closes securely with a brushed silver zipper pull that is engraved with a cross.

A second useful feature of the Bible case is its open-flat construction, achieved through a zipper that wraps around the case and a lay-flat poly-canvas handle that conveniently folds away when the case is opened. This zipper features a second brushed silver metal zipper pull with an engraved cross design.

 Another notable feature of the Bible case is the inclusion of two satin ribbons that are attached to the spine. These ribbons serve a practical purpose; a red ribbon is provided for marking the New Testament, while a black ribbon marks the Old Testament. Additionally, on the inside, there are two elastic pen loops for securing writing instruments and two slip pockets designed to hold your Bible's covers securely.

This Bible cover is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Please refer to the last image in the image carousel on the left for the Bible Cover Sizing Chart before you make a selection. 

The Raspberry Pink Poly-canvas Value Bible Cover with Ichthus Patch is a sturdy, water-resistant choice that won't break the bank. It offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your daughter's Bible is protected, and it makes a fantastic Christmas or birthday gift.

  • Black rubberized appliquéd patch with white Ichthus fish design 
  • Raspberry pink poly-canvas 
  • Poly-canvas material 
  • Front zippered pocket 
  • 2 brushed-silver cross-engraved zipper pulls 
  • 2 elastic pen loops inside 
  • 2 ribbon makers attached to spine 
  • Black ribbon for Old Testament 
  • Red ribbon for New Testament 
  • Lay-flat spine handle 
  • Self-seal bag packaging 
  • Available in four sizes 
  • Small, medium, large and extra-large