Deliverance is the children’s bread, meaning you have a right, as son and daughter of God, to receive deliverance. Be empowered with the power to break chains, strongholds, generational curses, cycles of addictions, demonic influences and more. Today, you can finally be free to start a new life and walk in the promises of God.

In this new year, provoke a new beginning in your life by investing in your spirituality. We are living in crucial times. Jesus is coming soon and you are part of the remnant that is going to walk in purpose and in the supernatural power of God. Be part of the greatest revival this world has ever seen!

Overcome the impossibilities that are hindering you! Every prayer has an answer but you must learn to receive it. In this bundle, you will discover the spiritual keys to breakthrough prayer. It will also help you learn how to receive spiritual healing for a fulfilling life.