Intercession Package

Intercession Package

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Perfect to increase and expand in intercession & deliverance!

Package includes:

1. Ascending in Worship, Descending in Warfare - Book

2. Power and Authority - Book

3. Anointing Oil-Roll On- Frankincense & Myrrh 

In the spirit realm, there are many lines that must be crossed by a child of God in order to cause a true impact and become an agent of change for today's society and future generations. The main revelation found in this book is the fundamental role that worship carries out in spiritual warfare. To become a warrior, you must first become a true worshiper. Ours is a war of worshipers! This book will lead Christians into a greater level of intimacy with the Father, leading to a greater level of anointing needed for the war, transforming them into triumphant warriors-a threat to the enemy and a hero in the Kingdom!

The early Church would teach and preach the gospel of the Kingdom as Jesus did, with supernatural demonstrations of power and authority. However, the modern Church has lost that ability. Today, the doctrine is taught, but in many congregations there are no miracles, no one gets healed, and people continue to be hounded by demons. Satan continues to have power on the earth, but he no longer has authority. Jesus took it from him! As a child of God, now you are the one who has the power, and the devil only has the authority you grant him when you disobey or sin. Power and Authority to Destroy the Works of the Devil”, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado teaches you how to receive the power and authority of God, and gives you the bases to legally operate in them. You will also receive revelation of the power of God that backs up His authority, and the legal right to do supernatural things in the name of Jesus. Exercise the power and authority of God in your daily life, and destroy every work of evil!


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